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    Holly Hunter ('The Big Sick') chats about telling off racists and subverting the 'overbearing mother' stereotype with Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery. In the movie, she plays Beth, who bonds with her daughter's ex-boyfriend after her daughter falls into a coma. The film is based on the true experiences of the film's star, Kumail Nanjiani, and his wife Emily V. Gordon, with whom he wrote the screenplay.
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    A poignant, lyrical drama about a mother (Hunter), who, in an effort to deal with the grief over the death of her son, travels the back roads of the deep south to settle a score. A story of grief and forgiveness, of looking inward to find a way to move forward.
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    Holly Hunter and Ray Romano discuss their roles in The Big Sick and the movie.
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    It was a fun time at The Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan. This is a clip of Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, and producer Barry Mendel (Judd Apatow is co-producer) talking about their film, ‘The Big Sick.’
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    Interviews with the cast for Batman V Superman
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    BackstageOL discusses with the cast of Batman V Superman about the movie and their characters

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