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    Holly Hunter ("The Big Sick") arrived on the opening night of the 2017 SCAD Savannah Film Festival as a recipient of the Icon Award. Hunter took the red carpet and discussed her take on approaching comedy, as well as the new evolving distribution platforms in Hollywood.
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    Holly Hunter talks The Incredibles 2 at D23.
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    Bill Hanstock from UpRoxx recently sat down with actor Holly Hunter to talk about her new film, The Big Sick, in which she displays surprising chemistry with Ray Romano, and delivers one of the all-time great maternal performances in cinema.
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    Academy Award winner Holly Hunter stars in this poignant drama about a grieving mother who travels the backroads of the Deep South to settle a score.
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    Holly Hunter is interviewed on the red carpet at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards
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    Holly Hunter talks about working again with director Jane Campio-- twenty after their acclaimed collaboration in The Piano-- in the mini-series Top of the Lake.